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Grillin' and Smokin' Tips

  • Smokin': indirect or offset heat, low temperature (165°-225°), long cook 5-24 hours
  • Indirect or offset heat: meat on one side, heat source on the other
  • Soak smoking wood in water, wine or your favorite booze for 6-24 hours
  • Injecting, marinating and rubbing should be done 24-48 hours before cooking
  • Never use diet soda or diet juice when marinating or spraying during cooking
  • When applying rub or spices, sprinkle and gently pat, wrap in cellophane or foil for 24-48 hours before cooking
  • Do not vigorously rub meat, sprinkle and pat lightly
  • Never use leftover marinade or rub, there will be bacteria from the raw meat
  • Meat should rest at least 10 minutes before slicing, pulled pork is the only exception
  • Grillin': direct heat, high heat (250° plus), short cook 5-20 minutes, turning meat at least once
  • Always use tongs or spatula to turn or move meats, never stab with a fork, stabbing causes juices to leak out
  • When grillin' thick cuts of meat, especially hamburger, do not push or flatten the meat to cause flame up as it will burn and become dry
  • Han-made hamburgers: flatten burger to desired thickness before cooking

If you don't have a thermometer,

hold your hand 3-4 inches above the grill and count Mississippi's:

    High  450°-650° F       2 to 3 Mississippi's

Medium-High 400°F    4 to 5 Mississippi's

Medium 325°-350°F    6 to 7 Mississippi's

Medium Low 300°F      8 to 9 Mississippi's

          Low 250°-275°F        10 to 12 Mississippi's